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Flue gas on - line detection system

  • Ultra-low dust measuring instrument
Ultra-low dust measuring instrument

Ultra-low dust measuring instrument

  • Laser dispersion principle
  • Digital screen display
  • high resolution
  • Ultra-low detection
  • Product description: Ultra-low dust dust measuring instrument is mainly used for the on-line monitoring of particulate matter concentration in the smoke emission of fixed pollution sources. (can be used for exhaust emissi
1.1. Product application
Ultra-low type dust and dust measuring instrument(hereinafter referred to as dust instrument) is mainly used for fixing the smoke emission of pollution sources in the online monitoring of particulate matter concentration. Dust meters can be widely used in the following fields: continuous monitoring of soot emission from environmental pollution sources, monitoring of dust removal equipment efficiency, monitoring of combustion efficiency, measurement of dust concentration in industrial manufacturing processes, monitoring of industrial and mining enterprises 'occupational health protection dust, monitoring of dust load in production workshops and factories, scientific research, Experimental field tests, etc.. The industries involved include cement, thermal power, steel, metallurgy, oil refining, aluminum, petrochemicals, papermaking, and glass industry.
1.2. Product characteristics
Application of laser scattering principles, high resolution, and monitoring requirements applicable to different particulate concentration emissions;
The structure is mounted on a single end, without the need for optical alignment, without fear of mechanical vibration of the flue pipe and beam oscillations caused by uneven refractive index caused by uneven flue gas temperature;
• Conveniently installed and maintained, the host can be quickly disassembled and replaced, easy to operate, the overall weight of the instrument is light, and the power consumption is small;
Unique circulation jet blowing structure device, which can be used to form a protective air curtain with a small amount of gas;
Standard 4-20mA industrial standard current ring output, Hersmann plug, easy to connect, and can easily be concatenated into the Hersmann table head;
• The laser beam angle adopts elastic self-locking structure and is easily adjusted;
• Optical targets are placed in situ and can be switched and adjusted in various files as needed;
There are large sampling areas suitable for use in various diameter chimneys.
1.3. Key indicators
Product Name
Ultra-low dust measuring instrument
Target measurement
Particulate matter
Mechanical structure
Size: 186 × 200 × 182mm(L × W × H)
Weight: 4Kg
Protection Level: IP65
Optical properties
Operating wavelength:(650 ± 20) nm
Measuring performance
Measurement range:(0 ~ 20) mg/m3
Indicator error: ± 20 %
Repetition: ≤ 10 %
Zero drift: ± 2 % F.S. / 24h
Range drift: ± 2 % F.S. / 24h
Response time: ≤ 10s
Flue diameter:(0.4 ~ 20) M
Power requirements
DC 24V ± 10 % / 0.5 A
Working conditions in the environment
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 55 ° C
Signal output
Simulation output:(4 ~ 20) mA
Maximum output load, 500W