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Talent recruitment

Post duties:

1. 新、老客户的开发及维护;

1. the development and maintenance of new and old customers;

2. 项目招投标,合同签署,收款工作;

2. project bidding, contract signing, collection work;

3. 完成销售指标。

3. complete the sales target.


Requirements for office:

1. 大专以上学历,自动化、仪器仪表等相关专业,2年以上分析仪器及环保项目运作经验。(VOC、、 CEMS、 脱硫脱硝、冶金电力、空分水泥、石油石化、水质、环境空气等环保行业相关销售经验);

1. college degree or above, automation, instrumentation and other related majors, more than 2 years of operation experience in analytical instruments and environmental protection projects. (VOC, CEMS, desulphurization and denitrification, metallurgical power, air separation cement, petroleum and petrochemical, water quality, environmental air and other environmental protection industry related sales experience);

2. 有较强的纪律观念,善于自我管理,良好的谈判技巧及经验,能够承受较大压力.

2. strong sense of discipline, good at self-management, good negotiation skills and experience, able to withstand great pressure.


3. for a long business trip.


Note: familiar with environmental monitoring, analytical instruments, and travel.


Salary and benefits: social insurance, communication subsidies, sales commission, holiday benefits, lunch and travel allowance.


Contact: Shanghai Shuo Di Automatic Control System ,inc.

Phone: 13402165780

Tel: 021-57433221


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